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Document collaboration
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Software as a Service model
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What is 2W SharePoint?

2W SharePoint makes collaboration a breeze.

The 2W SharePoint capabilities allow you to set up websites to share information with others, collaborate on document management, and publish reports to keep everyone on the same page.
Why Use 2W SharePoint?

2W SharePoint overcomes the limitations found with other versions of SharePoint including:

  • Storage capacity – 2W SharePoint's storage capacity is flexible and scales economically.
  • Storage can be provisioned to no limit and with minimum per user costs.
  • Scalability – 2W SharePoint allows hundreds to thousands of users.
  • Services/BI functionality – 2W SharePoint provides increased services & BI functionality.
  • Document support – 2W SharePoint does not have the document limitations other SharePoint versions have.
  • Operational Support - 2nd Watch will provide operational support for 2W SharePoint.